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Positive and optimistic, with 7 years of professional experience, writing custom software across the entire stack, including 4 years in a leadership role. Operating with a bias towards action, and a grounded, empathetic demeanor. Seeking a growing engineering team that values mentorship, collaboration, learning, and courage.

Technical Skills

Technologies with which I am most proficient, use dailyMost Proficient / Current Stack

  • Backend: WordPress/PHP, Go (Golang), HTTP, MySQL
  • Frontend: React, Redux, & jQuery, HTML, SCSS
  • Platform: Ansible, Docker, Terraform, Ubuntu on AWS & Azure, Haproxy, Caddy, Bash
  • Tools & Specs: Git, Consul, Vault, GitLab CI, OAS 2

Technologies I use professionally but not at my current jobOther Noteworthy

Ruby, PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, Upstart, Systemd, Rbenv, Rspec, Sinatra, Rails, Chef

Technologies I have used professionally but not recentlyOther Noteworthy (Less Recent)

Python, RabbitMQ, SmartOS, Joyent/SDC, ELK

Work Experience

Himalayan InstituteWeb Development Manager—2017 July to Present

  • Developing job descriptions, conducting interviews, project management, roadmap planning
  • Establishing best practices, quality standards, working methodologies, and customer service procedures
  • Implement and maintain cloud monitoring and incident management platform
  • Create and maintain internal documentation website

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Creation & maintenance of membership program grossing $13.7k/month
  • Introduce ES6 applications using React/Redux to web team core competencies
  • Secure $7,000/year in cloud services grants on Microsoft Azure and AWS
  • Establish best practices for VM provisioning, configuration, deployment, & security
  • Build and maintain open source Golang client library for Zoom.us
  • Create yearlongmeditation.org minisite and meditation tracking tool
  • Ensure PCI DSS compliance using SAQ A-EP

Himalayan InstituteLead Developer—2015 Oct to Present

  • Responsible for ongoing development & support of: HI, HI Shop, HI Humanitarian, Year Long Meditation
  • Evaluation, budgeting, and implementation of small-business software
  • WordPress site creation & maintenance using PHP, HTML, SCSS, jQuery, and React/Redux
  • Custom software creation and deployment using Go, Ansible, Terraform, and Docker
  • Define customer support policies, manage support ticketing system

Apple Inc.Software Engineer—7 months

  • Platform engineering, infrastructure deployment and automation for Maps
  • Full-stack development using Rails, Sinatra, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, and Redis

ModCloth, Inc. Software Engineer—1 year

  • Developer tools for deployment and infrastructure automation, including CI/CD, using Docker and Ansible
  • Server-side applications and scripting using Go (Golang), Bash, Ruby

ModCloth, Inc. Associate Software Engineer—1 year, 4 months

  • Server-side applications and web services using Ruby, JRuby, Rails, RSpec, and Go
  • Installation, configuration, and operation of PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Memcached, and RabbitMQ
  • Provisioning, administration, and automation of SmartOS and Ubuntu VMs on Joyent, using Chef and bash

Kemists Software Engineer—4 months

Full-stack development in Ruby on Rails & JavaScript; iOS 5 development using Objective-C, Cordova, & JavaScript

Fireman Creative Web Development Intern—5 months

Full-stack development for small business customers using WordPress, PHP, LESS, jQuery, and MySQL

Apple Store, ShadysideSpecialist, Expert—3 years

Lead sales, facilitated daily operations, mentored new-hires, assisted in new store openings & other special events

Talks & Publications

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science with Honors, University of Pittsburgh, Summa Cum Laude (2012)
Bachelor of Arts, Politics & Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, Cum Laude (2010)