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I currently build and maintain the website and online education platform for the Himalayan Institute, a nonprofit and leader in yoga, meditation, and holistic health. I manage the web team, which works closely with the marketing team to deploy our message of inspiration, education, and empowerment.

Current Employment

Himalayan InstituteWeb Development Manager—2017 July to Present

Responsible for managing the web team within Creative Services. Setting the roadmap; defining & maintaining the scope and timeline of multiple simultaneous projects while continuing to execute individual contributions.

In this role, I answer the following questions on a daily basis:

  • What are the team's priorities? How do they fit in the broader scope of the organization?
  • What are our best practices for team communication and collaboration?
  • What resources does my team need and are those resources available?
  • What are our team's values?
  • How do we best serve our customers, both internal and external?
  • What is the range and quality of products we offer?
  • What skills do we consider to be core competencies?
  • What role does web technology play in the future of the broader organization? How do we achieve that vision incrementally while continuing to address the business's daily operational needs?

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Developing job descriptions, recruiting, interviewing, and hiring
  • Managing and serving direct reports
  • Product ownership, project management, and strategic planning
  • Establishing best practices, quality standards, and working methodologies
  • Budgeting and securing technical resources

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Creation & maintenance of membership program netting ~$10k/mo
  • Manage redesign of Himalayan Institute Online Store
  • Expand web team core competencies to include single-page JavaScript applications using React
  • Secure $7,000/year in cloud services grants and establish best practices for provisioning, configuration, deployment, and security
  • Ensure PCI DSS compliance using SAQ A-EP
Technical Skills

Technologies with which I am most proficient, use daily

  • Backend: Wordpress/PHP, Go (Golang), HTTP, MySQL
  • Frontend:JavaScript (React & jQuery), HTML, SCSS
  • DevOps: Ansible, Docker, Terraform, Ubuntu on AWS & Azure, Haproxy, Caddy
  • For Literally Every Project: Git, Bash, Markdown
  • Other Noteworthy: Consul, Vault, OAS 2

Technologies I use professionally but not at my current job

Ruby, PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, Upstart, Rbenv, Rspec, Rack, Sinatra, Rails, Chef, & Awk

Technologies I have used professionally but not recently

Capistrano, Python, RabbitMQ, SmartOS, Joyent/SDC, ELK, & Berkshelf

Technologies I have learned but use infrequently

C, Objective-C, Java, & Oracle SQL

Speaking Engagements

Dockercon Europe—December 2014, Amsterdam

"doing the old thing the new way"
Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/rafecolton/dockercon-eu-2014
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNfCEie5_RA

Work Experience

Himalayan InstituteLead Developer—2015 Oct to Present

Responsible for building and maintaining the website and online education platform.

Primary directives:

  • Evaluation, budgeting, and implementation of small-business software solutions
  • WordPress site creation & maintenance using PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Custom software creation and deployment using Go, Ansible, Terraform, & Docker
  • Define customer support policies, manage support ticketing system

Other responsibilities:

Other responsibilities include copy writing and editing, wireframing, vendor selection and management, and project management.

Notable Accomplishments:

Apple Inc.Software Engineer—7 months

  • Platform engineering, infrastructure deployment & automation for Maps
  • Full-stack development using Rails, Sinatra, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, and Redis

ModCloth, Inc. Software Engineer—1 year

  • Developer tools and continuous delivery pipeline
  • Deployment & infrastructure automation using Docker and Ansible
  • Go (Golang), Bash, Ruby
  • Spoke at Dockercon Europe in December 2014

ModCloth, Inc. Associate Software Engineer—1 year, 4 months

  • Server-side applications and web services using Ruby, JRuby, Rails, RSpec, & Go
  • Installation, configuration, and operation of PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Memcached, & RabbitMQ
  • Provisioning, administration, & automation, using Chef, of SmartOS and Ubuntu VMs on Joyent
  • Bash scripting

Kemists Software Engineer—4 months

  • Full-stack web application development in Ruby on Rails & JavaScript
  • iOS 5 application using Objective-C & JavaScript
  • Strategic planning and rapid business development
  • Administration of Google AdWords account

Fireman Creative Web Development Intern—5 months

  • Full-stack web development building websites for small business customers
  • Website creation using WordPress, PHP, LESS, jQuery, and MySQL
  • Built http://heritageseeds.org/

Apple Inc.Specialist, Expert—3 years

  • Leading store sales, facilitating daily store operations
  • Providing assistance for new store openings and other special events
  • Mentoring new-hires

University of Pittsburgh

BS, Computer Science with Honors 2011 Jan to 2012 Apr
BA, Politics & Philosophy 2007 Aug to 2010 Aug